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Private Coaching if for those who need 1:1 or 2:1 training, need coaching in corrective exercise, weight management, strength and conditioning, or rehabilitation, with that said, you may just be interested in keeping yourself moving and maintaining a health lifestyle.


Why Private coaching Chichester?

As much as love to exercise, I really enjoy coaching, as it provides a service to help individuals progress to achieving their personal goals. Coaching is specific to those goals, planned sessions, observations on technique and movements, Its important we understand the outcomes of movements and why we perform them. We all have body mechanics which allows us to move in different movements, sometimes we pick up restrictions, from inactivity, injury, disfunction, or other circumstances. Long term restrictions cause our bodies over time to move differently, causing long term pain or flexibility problems.

The approach to the above is key, therefore we must become better at performing basic movements, changes to lifestyle, nutrition, and daily movement routines or all things we need to explore, most importantly our mental state to changing self development.

Develop a plan for the long term?

Understanding that end goal is important, I do not mean ‘I want to lose 5 stone by a certain time or date’ its important to be more specific, work towards bigger goals, and allow small goals to be achieved along the way. Changing lifestyles and daily habits, and understanding areas you need to adjust or redevelop to determine your success.

Group Training or 2:1

Group training or getting a friend or partner involved, is a great way to encourage each other to achieving goals. Not only do you motivate each other, you support and change together in routines and habits.

How to get started:

Firstly completing my online contact form, alternatively give me a call, or email directly. After which we will discuss what you would like to achieve, and therefore set a plan which gets you started.  I have provided my email below and contact number: / 07857470090


Methods of training:

  •  Home Visits 

I train a number of client in their homes, bring the gym to where you feel comfortable, use indoor and outdoor space.

  • Online Coaching

You may not have the time, busy schedules; we can fit coaching around the time you need. Online workouts and weekly catch ups, take part in a workout and then get ready for work, doesnt need to be complicated.

  • Outdoor, using local parks

Great way to train, Chichester is surround by the great outdoors, why not explore the terrain, use the space for some fresh air and movement.

Areas of focus:

  • Weight loss and Nutrition management.
  • Assess movement using a functional screening method.
  • Sports specific – particular sport you require help with, training for increase strength, flexibility, increase performance.
  • Injury and Rehabilitation
  • Running/ obstacle training.