Reducing Stress, Time to Relax

Webster Fitness: Tips to unwind.

Its important to understand when your body needs to relax, we perform better and reduce unwanted stress hormones. However there is a difference between Good Stress vs Bad Stress 

Short and Simple tips to help you everyday:

1. Take time to go outside – lunch at work, leave your mobile, grab some music and visit a local park.  Its important to get away from technology, you do not need your mobile phone 24/7 – ‘ you are not the prime minister’.

The outside can reset your mind, if you are having a bad day.

2. Start thinking positively, try to stay away from conversations which judge others or focus on negative subjects. Changing your own thoughts, can super charge your day.

3. Too much on your mind, write your worries down and deal with them tomorrow. Or focus on completing only 2-3 tasks per day, leave the others, best way to be productive. 

4. Stressing about fitting in a workout, do not worry, you will probably end up training under stress or with incorrect technique. Save it, or go for a walk before to unwind. 

5. Listen to music – Take time – this can lift your mood and change your thinking.

6. Reduce electronic stimulation, avoid dealing with emails first thing in the morning, this can lead to bad decision making, and switch your mood into bad stress and therefore map the rest of the day.

7. Abdominal breathing, take time for Stretching, Foam Rolling, Yoga, Pilates. 5 deep breaths can change your mind set.

8. Make small changes to lifestyle – do you need to be stressed out? what gives you the most stress? do you need it around? Focus on feelings that make you happy, and repeat them, keep those clear, and drive towards them.

Make a list of everything that gives you stress, and see if you can make small changes. Also make a list of everything you want to do with your life, and make them happen.

Just a short and simple feed, keep productivity growing and reading.

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