Bootcamp – Benefits to Outdoor Training

Benefits of Outdoors – Why Boot Camp Chichester.

Outdoor training is a great way to improve health and well-being.

Outdoor Training

Bootcamp promoI know its the Uk – But sunshine is Great for Vitamin D, exposure to the sun has some great benefits

  • Immune system, stronger bones, and most importantly improves your mood.

Mental Stimulation

Indoors can not provide changing terrain, and fresh air. The environment is so important for our mental and physical well-being, get away from the same for walls, plus Chichester Oaklands Park, has a lot to offer.

Psychological Benefits

Exercising among nature can really boost and combat anxiety, especially after a hard days work, lowering some tension and alleviating stress. Boot camp Chichester will give you some new challenges, whether you want demanding workout, or just progress towards personal goals.

We want you to get the best out of each sessions.


Another great aspect of Boot camp, every session we make different, sometimes its not about the best equipment, or how fancy we can make things look. We use the terrain as our gradient, changing surface, earth, mud, concrete, grass, provides everything we need. Chichester Oakland Park, gives such a great location for this. Outside you’ll encounter varied terrain and conditions that cannot be stimulated in the gym.


I think this is the most important, its social and fun, I love to exercise, but most importantly it really should be made fun, we cant be serious all the time. This does not mean, that I wont still provide you a workout to your desired fitness goals.

Mondays 18:30pm, Oaklands Park Chichester



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